Cleaning Beaches For A Good Cause

Initiative to clean up some of DURBAN'S BEACHES HAPPENING EVERY THIRD Saturday of each month

  An initiative to clean up and maintain the Blue Lagoon and Beachwood Mangrove area in Durban is set to happen again this Saturday. This #CleanBlueLagoon cause, which usually happens every third Saturday of the month and anytime when the need arises aims at creating a clean environment. People are encouraged to come out this Saturday between…..

Fashion Trends To Look Out for On Campus This Spring


1. BRIGHT AND BOLD STRIPES We know stripes are timeless and spring just a few hours away, you will definitely see a lot of bold colours cress crossing each other and fun fact: clothing with stripes actually make you look slimmer. So add something colourful and with stripes to your shopping list and enjoy this spring…..

More Schools Exposed For Racism

Lawson Brown School students talking about his experience on racism at his school.

After yesterday’s trend on social of #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh where students took to twitter to share the systematic racism they endure at the school. The Black girls from Pretoria High School for Girls shared how they are told to straighten their natural hair because their Afros are untidy and unneat. A video was also posted on instagram showing…..

Famous Fossil Lucy’s Cause of Death Discovered and Told To The World

Lucy's Death discovered. Picture Credit:

One of the well-known ancestors of the human generation, Lucy could possibly have died after a fall from a tree declared researchers at the University of Texas. After countless years of studying the 3.8 million year old fossil, X-rays which were revealed by the University today, show that she suffered fractures to her right humerus. Research…..

Essence Festival Gracing Durban Shores

THe Essence Festival is set to take place in NOvember this year in Durban

  The annual Essence Festival is set to take place in no other city besides Durban this year. The festival from New Orleans was established to celebrate African-American women through Essence magazine and has been going on ever since. This years’ event is set to take place in November, more details about the festival will be…..

Durban Fashion Fair To Expose New Local Talent

Durban Fashion Fair banner 2015. picture credit:

As the Durban Fashion Fair is about to begin as it is set on the calendars for 31st august -3 September many anticipate new talent that is to be unveiled during the week. With the Fashion Fair being one of most Africa’s largest Fashion events, it is estimated to attract people from all parts of the…..

#StopRacismatPretoriaGirlsHigh Trending on Social Media

Pretoria Girls HIgh students took to twitter as they've had enough of what they believe is systematic racism.

The hashtag #StopRacismatPretoriaGirlsHigh has been trending since last night on social media following racism allegations by Pretoria Girls’ High students. The students broke the silence on twitter when they announced what they have to endure, including how they are told to wear their natural hair. Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited the school this morning and…..


Freestyle friday is a rap showcase show on's Lunchtime Fix.

      RadioDut’s rap battle show Freestyle Friday is fast gaining momentum as it keeps on unleashing raw talent. The show which takes place at the station’s studios and on campus, features freestyle rappers from all over Durban. This week’s edition featured more than ten freestyle rappers who all possess unique talent. Freestyle Friday is…..

South African Survey of Student Engagement invites YOU to share your University Experience

South African Survey of Student Engagement invites all students to participate in the heart to heart talk online about their experience at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). The thought of you wanting to share your university glory days and challenges with another person has crossed your mind and if you haven’t found that one person…..

Public Protector Shares Leadership Strategies At DUT Leadership Conference

Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela. picture credit:

As The Durban University of Technology kicked off their Leadership Conference yesterday, the key aspect which covered a section of the conference was building confident, driven leaders from a young age. As many DUT delegates and students gathered at the International Convention Centre to discuss the complexities of Leadership in the 21st century. Public Protector, Thuli…..